Visa to Belarus

Belarus is a welcoming country with lots of sight-seeing, places to visit and a unique nature. It will be interesting both for solo and business travelers. Do foreigners need special entry permit, i.e. visa? It depends on the purpose of your trip, it’s duration and your nationality.

Visa-free regime is for the members of CIS countries (expect for Turkmenistan) if the period of staying on the territory of the republic of Belarus in not longer than 30 days ( for citizens of Armenia, Azerbaidjan and Venezuela – 90 days); citizens of Uzbekistan, Tarzhikistan, Moldova, Montenegro, Cuba, Serbia, Mongolia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Kirgizstan also must have documents proving their aim of visit, voucher or an invitation.

Citizens of Vietnam, Turkmenistan, Slovakia, Turkey, Argentina, Romania, Brazil, Iran, India, Hungary, Argentina, China having diplomatic passports DO NOT NEED visa to Belarus.

Citizens of other countries need visa to Belarus.

Types of visas

  • Transit visa allows a person to cross the border 1, 2 or several times;
  • Short-term visa;
  • Long –term or multi-visa.
  • Transit visa is given to those who cross the territory of Belarus on the way to another country and allows a person to stay on the territory of Belarus up to 48 hours.
  • Short-term visa allows a person to stay on the territory of Belarus up to 90 days. It’s the best option for those who come to Belarus to learn more about the culture, to see the country and places to visit; to visit relatives, friends or business partners; to visit sport events or to participate in them. Short-term visa can be for single or for several entries.
  • As a rule, long-term visa is given for a year and allows a person to enter the territory of Belarus several times during this period. This type of visa is necessary for those who are planning to spend long time in the country like studying , doing business , taking care of relatives .

For getting a visa you should apply to:

– consular branches of the Republic of Belarus that are represented in the majority of countries of South and North America, Europe, Asia;

– a diplomatic mission;

– a consular center of MFA which is situated in the airport of Minsk.

Required documents:

  • Completed application form;
  • 2 mat colored photos (0,35 cm х 0, 45 cm);
  • Accompanying documents (invitation letter);
  • Depending on the type of visa any other documents that might be useful or obligatory (should consult in a consular branch in advance);
  • International passport valid at least 90 days after the required date of visiting Belarus.

To apply for a short-term visa in the consular center of MFA, an applicant must provide the head consular department with a full package of documents at least 3 days before arrival (5 days for a long-term visa).

Visa processing deadline:

If a full package of documents was filed and there are no reasons for refusal in giving visa, it is gonna be ready within 5 working days.


Trinity Hostel helps to get visa those of tourists who are staying at our hostel.

The price varies depending on the type of visa an applicant is applying for.

We can provide you with 3 types of documents:

  1. Confirmation letter;
  2. Invitation letter (applying in the embassy of your country) = 45 $ (1 tour is included);
  3. Invitation letter (applying in the Belarussian embassy in another country) + tour program = 55 $ (1 tour is included).

*, In addition, you need to pay for the first night of staying at our place.

We have discounts for groups!
Confirmation and invitation letters are provided on an official document with a stamp.

While applying for visa you should provide the embassy with the information of where you are going to stay during your trip. If you are not planning to visit your friends or relatives and don’t have a place to stay or an invitation from your business partners, you should take care of this case in advance. The perfect solution is to stay with us – Trinity Hostel. We provide our guests with all necessary documents to apply for visa so the process of getting it will be fast and easy!


The girls were staying at Trinity Hostel and they really enjoyed it because this place is really very nice and is also situated in the very center of the city. The hostel also helped the girls with the visa application! They also paid attention to a very spacious and cool kitchen which is equipped with everything a person might need during cooking 😉

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