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Impeccable reputation of our hostel
is proven by hundreds of positive reviews from our guests

Impeccable reputation of our hostel
is proven by hundreds of positive reviews from our guests


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Special tourist programs from Trinity Hostel

Trinity hostel offers personalize self-made tourist programs both for individual tourists and organized groups. We’ve worked out unique tours for 2 and 3 days, which will be interesting for a person of any age. The program includes: accommodation, food, excursion bus service.

Tourist programs from Trinity Hostel, created by a group of young people passionate about their city –  is a guaranteed bunch of impressions about Minsk and Belarus!

экскурсии по Минску

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We try our best to make you feel like home, but a little better!

The address of the hostel owner to our guests

Ksenia Kurus
Co-owner of the Trinity Hostel

Every day we try our best to become better for our guests. We love to meet new people and help them learn more about Minsk and Belarus, to understand the culture and mentality of our people, to tell them more about unique features of the country.

We are always glad when our guests come back to us for the second, for the 5th time. When people come to us and say they’ve learned about us from their friends –it’s pleasant even more. At these moments I realize we are on the right way!

Come to Trinity Hostel and feel the positive vibe of this place!

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