Карта Минска

Map of Minsk with discounts

Minsk City Guide is a map of Minsk which was created by Trinity Hostel team specially for tourists!

It’s important to remember that it’s not just a map, but a system of bonuses and discounts: 25 best places of the city are marked on it, like:

  • “draniki” (dried potatoes with sour cream);
  • A glass of wine;
  • A dessert;
  • A cup of coffee.

You’ll just need to show the map in a bar/restaurant/café! All the meals were chosen specially for tourists to try the national cuisine and to dive into the national culture.

Our 3 partners of the Belarusian cuisine:

  • “Rakauski Brovar”;
  • “U Francisca”;
  • “Svoi”.

Party streets like Zybitskaya and Oktyabrskaya are highlighted in red on the map. Wanna find a bar which represents the spirit of the city, its freedom and love? It’s on our map as well – Svobody, 4.

For the amateurs of history we offer a 14 % discount in the museum of the Great Patriotic War and earl Karl Yan Chapsky will tell you more about the history of “Olivariya” brewery.

So guys, come to Trinity Hostel, grab a map and enjoy!

Take an alternative city guide – act like a local, feel like a local and enjoy Minsk with us.

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