How to pay for booking by VISA and MasterCard cards

How to pay?

We accept for payment VISA, Mastercard and BELKART credit cards via system of Internet payments – ASSIST
When you book place in our company you must make a prepayment for the first day of staying at our place – that is the guarantee of your 100% arrival to “Hostel Treveler”.
After you filled in the booking form, you will be sent the e-mail with the link on web-page, where you need to fill in the data of your credit card. You don’t need to worry that the data will get to the 3d person, because you fill in the data on a secure web-page of ASSIST system.That means that none of your data is filled in on any page of our hotel and we do not collect the credit card information. All the instructions how to fill in the credit card data to the system you will also get on the secure web-page following our link in the e-mail.
After you finish the process of payment in ASSIST system you will get the e-mail from the system, that confirms your successful payment, and our hotel will get the confirmation that we received the money. When we will see in our system that the money were received, we will send you the confirmation of booking in our hotel.
Until you get such confirmation, your booking is not valid.

The rules of cancelation the booking
In case you cancel your booking more then 15 days before your arrival we return 100% of prepayment.In other case we do not return the money.
In case you book the place in a shorter period of time between booking and arrival, and need to cancel your booking, we do not return the money.
The return of the money is conducted on your credit card during 10 working days after you send us e-mail letter with cancelation on our e-mail address.
In case you refuse to check in to the room at the day of arrival to our hotel, we do not return the money.

1. Click “Pay Credit Card” button, follow ASSIST payment system instruction. Fill the form, and press “confirm”.

2. Check and fill credit card information.

Credit card page example.


You will receive confirmation on your e-mail.