Franchise of Trinity Hostel

We offer franchise on the following conditions:

  • Franchise: Trinity Hostel
  • Kind of activity: group of hostels
  • Country of origin: Belarus
  • Lump-sum contribution: $ 10 000
  • Royalty: 3% monthly
  • Advertising fee: 2% monthly
  • Training: free
  • Payback period: 9 months
  • Year of company formation: 2012
  • Start of franchising activities: 2014
  • Number of proper places:2

Description of franchise:

The franchise of “Hostel Trinity” LLC will allow you to establish your own business, bringing profit to the owner and benefit the state with a minimum risk and investment. Thanks to a well thought-out and proven system of hostel organization, it was possible to combine European standards and traditional Belarusian hospitality, helping to create a more cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Traveler Hostel attracts travelers from other cities of Belarus, CIS countries, and Europeans, since the affordable cost of living is combined with a high level of comfort.

Advantages of a franchise:

You can evaluate the advantages of the Franchise LLC “Hostel Trinity” at the stage of business organization, having received:

  • a suitable room for opening a hostel;
  • an opportunity to use the brand Hostel Traveler, already familiar to many travelers, without spending years to create your own positive image;
  • a business model that has been repeatedly tested in practice;
  • an individual project of the premises, providing the most comfortable and efficient accommodation of places of residence;
  • an individual design project, combining the distinctive features of the corporate identity Hostel Traveler and successfully beating the features of your room;
  • the list of necessary equipment and furniture for the opening of the hostel and the phones of contractors and suppliers with which Trinity Hostel already has mutually beneficial cooperation;
  • the opportunity to use the services of the opening team and act in accordance with the well-defined step-by-step opening algorithm;
  • an internship of franchisee and his staff in the institutions of the network.


Since deciding to buy a franchise, the franchisee will appreciate its advantages in further work, getting:

  • assistance in the organization of the activities of the hostel and the management of its staff, including step-by-step instructions;
  • assistance in attracting clients. “Trinity Hostel” has its own website, which is visited by a large number of potential customers, where they will be able to find out about your hostel as well;
  • accommodation of information about the hostel on all the most effective resources for booking;
  • the possibility to get consultations anytime at any step of the working process.

For any questions you can turn to our co-owner

Ksenia Kurus
Co-owner of “Hostel Trinity”

Via e-mail: xenia.kurus(@)
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