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About us

Trinity : Brief review.

Trinity hostel in Minsk.Welcome to Minsk, an amazing city, situated in the core of the Europe!

If you have this page opened right now, that , beyond doubt, means that you're searching for a budget, but quality space.

Congratulations, you're extremely lucky, because you don't have to waste more time on search!

Regardless to your purpose of staying in Minsk (whether you're planning to stay here for business or just to sightsee), you can be sure that art-space Trinity from "Hostel traveler" Ltd. network is what you need!

Trinity is:

  • Good service for a smart price. Prices vary from 15 to 18 $ per night in common rooms, depending from their type. Price includes bed linen, towels if needed, slippers, taxi call, participation in all kind of fun we organize in "Hostel Traveler" Ltd. and etc.;
  • Perfect location: We're situated in the centre of Minsk in 5 minutes from 3 main, most crowded subway stations "Nemiga", "Oktyabr'skaya", "Kupalovskaya" and in 15 minutes from central railway station. You can find the route map here.
  • Wi-fi is free. If you're travelling without any electronic gadgets, you can also rent our netbook...gratis! ;)
  • Intense program of stay. We ain't simply providing you with a bed - we do care for your leisure time! If you like sport activities, we can suggest you renting a bike for a spring/summer season. For an autumn/winter period you're able to go skating (there 2 skating fields nearby us). In case you're not a fan of sports, you're welcome to join us and take part in various cultural activities, taking place on our territory!
  • It's a good chance to create new contacts among random creative eccentrics and to communicate with them, gaining lots of positive emotions.

"Hostel Traveler" Ltd. is proud to be an art place in some way, because of the concentration of many interesting people and works of Belarusian artists, that you can find inside.

Art hostel hostel room Design rooms for six people Living at Trinity

Lost your muse? Visit us, we'll help you to find a way to inspire!

Our Trinity and Riverside are not large.

Trinity consists of 10 rooms ( 52 places, to be precise: 2 double-dorms, one 4-dorm, one 5-dorm, five 6-dorms &, finally, one 8-dorm ).

Riverside consists of 7 rooms (29 places, to be precise: 2 double-dorms (one with extra-bed), three 4-dorms, two 6-dorms).

So, in general, we have 81 places, that's not too much, what means we have time and desire to help our guests with individual approach.

Every room in "Hostel Traveler" Ltd. is a tiny piece of art, regarding to interior design.

"Hostel Traveler" Ltd. let our guests stay in a spacious quarters with high ceilings and big windows, that blend with fusion of spacious geometry.

There is a lounge-room in a"Hostel Traveler" Ltd., a place to gather and spend time chatting, teatiming and reading.

A kitchen is provided with all the electronics needed - a microwave, kettle, electric oven, fridge and etc.

Our "Hostel Traveler" Ltd.' net is called Traveler for it's simple principle - it was created for travelers by travelers! That's why we know best, what's important to obtain for a good service. Hope you find our beds comfortable, our stuff - friendly & your time spent in Minsk city - remarkable!